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Stark Crest by Shattered-Reaper Stark Crest :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 7 16
Kuroi Ryu Part 15
    Kuroi had been running until the sun had set below the horizon. He finally felt that no one was following him and that he was safe now. He sits against a tree to catch his breath. He was drenched from the river, he needed to make a fire soon. He gathered up some small sticks and Fear formed his head and lit the fire. The purple flame was somehow soothing and warm, despite it's harsh and terrifying appearance.
    He wrapped his arms around his legs looking into the fire. He stared into the fire, and he saw some figures in the fire. He knew who they were. He smiled at them in the fire, watched them burn.
    "Master?" Fear spoke up
    Kuroi just kept staring, then responded in a cold focused tone. "What is it?"
    "Do you mind me asking about what you were thinking about? While you were unconscious?"
    "What about it?"
    "Well, you were clearly upset by something. Could you tell me what it was?"
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 1 0
Mature content
Kuroi Ryu Part 14 :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 2 3
Kuroi Ryu Part 13
    Shapeless had begun setting up a new addition to his vast space. He wanted to make sure everything looked perfect for his guests. He couldn't stop thinking how much fun this was going to be. He just felt so giddy.    
    "Oh this'll be just wonderful!" His sun eyes nearly shut. He held out his long spider-thin arms and brought the finishing touch. "There! Perfect!" He said with self-awe.
    At the center of this room was a live map of Japan set in the year 1600, when Kuroi had travelled. He heard a knock.
    "Come in~!" He said with a song in his voice. 
    The door had opened and behind was Lord Death, still with his book.
    "You summoned?" He said with irritation in his voice. "Rather inconveniently may I add?"
    "Oh good you're here!" Shapeless clasped his hands together like he's meeting with a long lost friend he hadn't seen in years. "Come!" He leads him to the map. "Well? W
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 1 0
Kuroi Ryu Part 12
    William and Kuroi entered the captain's cabin to speak. Kotaro and Sakon waited outside to ensure their security, as well as to make sure Kotaro doesn't let his temper go loose on William after the comment he made earlier.
    William took a seat at his desk while Kuroi sat at the opposite end.
    "May I first ask your name before we start?" William asked.
    "Ah, of course. My apologies, I go by the name Kuroi Ryu. But Kuroi will do just fine."
    William raised an eyebrow "Strange name for someone who doesn't appear to be of this country."
    "It's a long story."
    "Is that right?" He rests his head against his palm. "So, what is this mistake I'm about to make?"
    "Meeting with Ieyasu's subjects." Kuroi stated rather nonchalantly. "May I?" Kuroi pointed to the bottle of wine. William waved his hand to the bottle to say yes. Kuroi poured it into a small wine goblet and took a sip. It was s
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 2 0
Kuroi Ryu Part 11
    Kotaro arranged to have a small group of his ninjas escort them as they went into Edo and prepared some disguises for them all so that no one would recognize them. Sakon wore the garments of a lowly ronin with an ashigaru kasa, while Kotaro wore that of a Komuso monk, a common disguise for ninja as it could hide their face fairly well. Kuroi however was simply given a large Henro-kasa to cover his eyes.
    "You won't really need that much of a disguise since they don't know you." Kotaro explained to Kuroi "But just in case we need to make a run for it, they won't recognize who you are later on."
"Makes sense. Thank you." Kuroi liked the look anyway.
    Having had everything ready, they all set out to infiltrate Edo, and convince William to bring his arquebuses to Osaka.
    Upon arriving the town was bustling with activity. Shops were actively serving customers, Sumo tournaments were held, and the town guard was patrolling the str
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 4 0
Kuroi Ryu Part 10
Western Musashi Province Border

Kuroi and Sakon had been travelling for a week now, after leaving Osaka. They set up camp in the forest as the sun went down. They tried to make sure they carried as little as possible so that they wouldn't leave any trace. They even made a small fire, small enough to cook without attracting too much attention.
Kuroi was able to get used to camping and the long journey. Not that he'd never been camping, he just didn't really like it all that much. However he didn't even have a sleeping back, and was given only a pillow. The ground was not the most comfortable thing to sleep on, but luckily however he was able to get sleep eventually ... Just not enough normally. 
Kuroi was now on his horse with bags under his eyes while Sakon seemed to be perfectly fine, as usual.
"You really don't get out much do you?" Sakon said
"What does that have to do with anything?!" He yelled angrily. While yes this was true, it wasn't something he liked to admit.
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 3 0
Kuroi Ryu Part 9
Kuroi had met with Mitsunari the next morning to discuss with his plans to meet with the westerner William Adams, commander of the vessel known as Love, and Fuma Kotaro, head of the Fuma ninja clan which had been known for raiding Edo province in the recent years. 
Mitsunari had been conflicting with the idea in his mind.
"It's a risky and bold move." He said "If he happens to know that you work for me, this could point the blame at me for starting a civil war."
"That is true. But their assistance can prove useful. With the added weaponry for our forces and the brutality of the Fuma clan, we can improve our chances for victory in the coming battle." The Fuma clan's head was well known as a terrifyingly brutal ninja, none were able to escape his bloody attacks. Some even suggested that Kotaro was, himself, a demon.
"I see your point. But , Kotaro ... a man, I don't even know if I can say he is one, someone as dangerous as him could also prove to be an unreliable ally. Can we trust
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 3 0
Kuroi Ryu Part 8
Kuroi woke up next morning in his room in the castle. Yukimura and Yoshitsugu allowed Kuroi to have his own room as a samurai retainer. He washed himself, put on his robe and sandals, ate his breakfast, then went to the training ground to meet Yukimura for their sparring match. He arrives and sees Yukimura sitting on the balcony leading to the training ground. Yukimura see him and smiles. 
"Come" He says. "Have some tea." Kuroi sits next to him as Yukimura pours him a cup of tea.
"Thank you." Kuroi takes a sip, it was warm and had a nice taste to it. "What kind of tea is this?"
"Ujicha tea. From Kyoto."
"Really? I've always wanted to visit Kyoto."
"Is that so? Perhaps you may be able to do that while you're here."
"That would be nice." He takes another sip.
They take a moment and they look up at the sky, and Yukimura say "I always like to take a moment to enjoy the quiet before I start."
"It is very nice."
They sit in silence as the wind blows by. The grass and their hair is flowi
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 2 25
Kuroi Ryu Part 7
Kuroi was on his way to a remote field in the area of Osaka Castle. Wrath had previously told him to go here for the next part of his training.
"This is a good spot." Wrath said.
"So why do we have to go all the way out here?" Wondered Kuroi.
"So that we could avoid damaging the castle. I doubt that would be a pleasant thing for Mitsunari and his subjects to deal with." Wrath answered. "Next we will be working on another form that both my brother and I are capable of becoming. This is going to be for ranged combat."
"Like with magic?"
"No, not quite. Here, I'll take you through the process. But you're gonna need both me and my bother out first." Fear said. 
"Did you mean brother?" Wrath asked as if he knew the answer.
"Oh no. Bother works perfectly." Wrath growled a little at this. Kuroi drew both Wrath and Fear out. "Now, for my form, hold Wrath in front of you with his blade pointed at the sky, and have me point straight in front of you like your drawing a bow." 
Kuroi did
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Mature content
Kuroi Ryu Part 6 :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 2 0
Kuroi Ryu Part 5
Lord Death was still reading the book and was very curious about what was going to happen next. The words appeared as he read, as if the author was writing what was being done as it happened as he read. Which was exactly what happened.
He felt like taking a break but he was worried he was going to miss something if he put the book down.
"Busy with something?" Called a familiar voice that has annoyed the old dragon for millennia.
"What is it you want Shapeless?" A space-like presence entered walking up to Lord Death behind his chair.
"Ohh~! What are you reading here?" 
"It is just something I am keenly interested in. Now please leave." Death tried to keep his focus on the book and hoped Shapeless would just go away.
Shapeless leaned over Death's Shoulder and looked at the pages. "What's this about~?"
Death brought the book closer to himself and away from Shapeless. "None of your business."
"You're not very good at keeping this from my attention old friend." Death was becoming more
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 2 4
Kuroi Ryu Part 4
Kuroi Ryu had entered the castle of Osaka after being given permission by Ishida Mitsunari. He was being escorted by two guards who appeared to not wanna be next to Kuroi in the slightest. However, Kuroi was also terrified, but for a different reason. Now that he was actually here, he wondered how he was going to actually convince Mitsunari of everything he knows. He could feel the cold sweat down his back and he couldn't blink at all. Despite him trying to act confident, he couldn't calm himself down at all.
'What'ssss the problem there Masssster~?' Kuroi heard a strange serpent-like voice right next to his ear. He looked next to him and saw a dark essence smoke of a dragon with purple eyes that was grinning at him. He was about to yelp, but the dragon warned him. "Don't be surprised unless you wanna look crazy there hotshot. And don't use your voice either, just communicate with your thoughts." 
'Well that's gonna be difficult since my mind always goes everywhere!' He did have a
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 2 0
Kuroi Ryu Part 3
Shattered was busy cleaning the bloodstains out of his kimono in the river after what happened last night. He realized he may have overdone by a large margin, but he couldn't help but love the fear they felt. He smiled a little at that. How scared those bandits looked. How they screamed in agony and pain. He couldn't help how much he enjoyed their suffering for what they did. But he removed those thoughts from his mind for a moment and decided to bathe himself while his clothes were being washed. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" It was just freezing! He forgot how cold rivers could be. So he washed himself as quickly as possible and came out barely able to breathe. He needed to dry off fast. Just as soon as he thought that someone's hand was holding a cloth.
"Here." Shattered looked at who was giving the cloth, he recognized him to be the man he first met. He had a stern look on his face.
"Uh, thank you." Shattered said nervously. He took the cloth and began drying himself off, and then
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 0 4
Mature content
Kuroi Ryu Part 2 :iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 3 4
Kuroi Ryu Part 1
Japan 1600 October 21st

'The sky had burst with a flood of it's tears after the conclusion of a decisive battle. Swords were scattered across the field and bodies were littered as far as the eye can see ... This, was Sekigahara. A battle that determined the course of the Sengoku Jidai and the Land of the Rising Sun itself. The battle was fought when it was thought there would finally be peace after years of civil war among many rivaling clans. Even then, the Sengoku Jidai had not yet ended.'

    Shattered read from the text of the book. "The final battle was still yet to come. For Ieyasu feared that the Toyotomi clan would rise again to retake the shogunate from him." 
    Shattered folds a corner of the page and closed the book. He spends whatever time he can to come to the library, and reads about whatever interests him. He mostly reads about the Sengoku Jidai. And since Death practically knows everything, his books can give more deta
:iconshattered-reaper:Shattered-Reaper 8 5


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